The Space for Elephants Foundation is a non-profit national organization created by concerned individuals about the livelihood of elephants and their restriction to move from one area to another. We work with many organizations with the like-minded aim to re-establish lost space by means of migratory corridors that link wildlife islands.

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The vision for Space for Elephants is to have an interlinked network of protected areas throughout the country to allow elephants and other wildlife to maintain their natural movement and behavioural patterns, to promote an economic base to all people living around and within these areas and, through the elephant, promote Ubuntu and African Unity.

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An essential objective of Space For Elephants Foundation is to facilitate the active participation of people living adjacent to the corridor areas.  We are encouraging the people to become entrepreneurs of small businesses and to create their own means of earning a living.  We are achieving this by giving them the necessary skills to successfully manage different ventures.

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Sponsorship and donations are an integral part of the day-to-day running of the Foundation and an important way of creating revenue to implement projects and programs. Thank you on behalf of the Elephants and Rhinos!
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Eco-Warrior Awards

Congratulations go to Digs Pascoe, CEO of the Space For Elephants Foundation, who has been nominated as a finalist in this years Eco-Logic Awards, an award that identifies individuals, organisations and communities that positively contribute towards a sustainable world.

Established in 2011, the Awards are regarded as one of South Africa’s most inspirational and influential acknowledgements and support of individuals and organisations that are making a real and measurable difference in creating a more sustainable world to live in and recognizes Dig’s work in the field of conservation and the study of elephants.

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