To create space for elephants and integrate the needs of the people

Space For Elephants Foundation (SEF) was founded by a group of holistic, like-minded thinkers who decided to bring back elephants and other wildlife to the Pongola Game Reserve and the surrounding areas.

Out of this was born the idea of creating more space through a network of corridors throughout the SADC regions, and to find solutions to challenges facing elephants and people. SEF expanded its ideals creating “Benefits Beyond Boundaries” for communities, their cultures and nature conservation.

Fundamentally the goal of SEF is to see Game Reserves and National Parks drop their fences, and linking passages of land between these wilderness spaces, conceded, so that the elephants do not have to be translocated or culled, but they can have the freedom to walk their natural ancient pathways again.

The aims of the SEF are:

  • Not to encroach on, or include land desperately needed by our surrounding communities, but rather to find narrow linking strips of land for walkways or corridors linking one wildlife island to another and thus restoring ancient elephant migratory routes.
  • To create economic opportunities along these corridors for rural communities by means of craft and market places, viewing hides for tourists, and other tourism projects.
  • To generate funds to assist these communities through training opportunities, tourism related workshops and tourism awareness programs.
  • To generate funds to continue scientific research on our elephant populations and other wildlife species.

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